Buildbox 2 Keygen

Buildbox 2 keygen unlocks the full potential of the Buildbox 2 Software . Making hit games was never easier, with zero coding and 100% drag and drop work, you can create mega games like Color Switch, Phases, Sky, The Pit etc. Free download of the Buildbox 2 keygen through  the link below,just  follow the instructions in the video and you can crack Buildbox 2 in just a few moments. Buildbox 2 is priced at $ 2675 but you can get it here for FREE. We original buyed Buildbox 2 so we could crack it for you guys and make it available for people who dont own so much money. We believe that giving back to the community is the only and best way.

Buildbox 2 Keygen

The Buildbox 2 KeyGen:

With Buildbox 2 keygen you need zero technical skill, the first software of its kind to allow such things. No programming or scripting skills, 100% DRAG AND DROP.  You just import images, assign them properties and move them around your game scene.  With this bundle there also many gameplay templates which help you start the type of game you want.Buildbox 2 keygen

With Buildbox 2 keygen the possibilities are endless.  You can now create nearly any 2D game imaginable with the help of our gameplay settings, character settings, logic pieces and new component control.

Since it’s public release in January 2015, Buildbox 2 keygen has created more than 30 games that have been featured by Apple and more than 40 games that have broken the Top 100 of the iPhone Games chart.  During this time period, this is more than all other game builders combined.

List of the full software with all options including:

  • drag and drop game builder
  • full 2.0 version
  • all features like multipes worlds
  • new logic pieces
  • actions, effects and much more


You need to follow the video instructions , it’s super EASY and you can crack Buildbox 2  in a few moments. The full software is unlocked and working after you cracked it.


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